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eBoards & Google Sites

An eBoard is like an "Online Corkboard" that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily post messages, photos, files, and links to their own information on the Internet.

The purpose of this tool is to enable communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students that can help foster student achievement beyond the classroom walls.

eBoards are updated frequently and include valuable information such as class events and homework.
Google Sites provides a free space for teachers to create their digital hubs which can included embedded calendars directly from their Google Classrooms. 
Parent Information Principal Assistant Principals  
News and Announcements Natasha Pitt David Deubel  
    Marina Williams  
ESL Fine & Performing Arts  
 Hilary Almeida Daniel Bassett  
Jessica Bergen     
  Dominique Chiu    
  Larry Marino    
  Linea Rondael    
  Luke Short    
  Daniel Sullivan    
  Performing Arts    
   William Lane    
Grade 5 Grade 6 Counseling  
Sonia Apreda Angela Avery-deVlugt Counseling Dept.             
Elzbieta Biernacka Ashley Andreala             
Amanda Detrick Zain Conteh               
Joanna Ebert Angelina Cusack    
Sean Gordon Paula Fischkelta        
Claudia Grassi Allen Gonzalez    
Shanice Jackson Laurel Lahullier  
Belkis Petrus Merin Matarazzo    
Eileen Mursch Amy Moran    
Rochelle Yaros Joe Tauriello          

Health/Physical Education Language Arts Library Media Center  
Emily Fisher  Katherine Crimmins     Hina Mehta  
Jeremy LoVerde      Barbara Finkelstein
Patrick O'Connor           

Kiera Genus  Google Site 

  William Mazerolle    
  Hazel Santana-Rivas    
Mathematics Reading Science
Kristina Anders          Joan Lazar Walter Hickey
Josephine Cinnella          Munyiva Mungu

Veronica Lopez

Tanya Rivera Mosquera   Stephanie Paz  
Kimberly Rossy    
Diana Spain                
Margaret Tewey       
Roberta Weiss                
Social Studies Special Services T.A.G. (Teaneck Academically Gifted)   
Danielle Cata Elizabeth Baeur   Jessie Gorant Eboard  
Mariam Muheisen     Leana Barbosa  Jessie Gorant Google Site  
Barbara Preziosi Vatrell Graves    
Victor Stanic Vanessa Lospalluto    
Technology World Languages Clubs  
Laura Nivar  Nat. Jr Honor Society  
  Melinka Ramirez    
  Jean Uwisavye Eboard    
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