Benjamin Franklin Middle School

 Benjamin Franklin Middle School continues their lunch dates series which will now be called "Appetite for Success."  During Appetite for Success , members of the Teaneck community will meet and have lunch with a small select group of students in the presence of a BFMS faculty member. The goal is for BFMS students to engage in important dialogue with community role models that have unique stories, experiences, and advice to share. Further, the BFMS Appetite for Success is designed for students to begin creating goals and to envision their own personal plan to achieve lifelong success.

Appetite For Success Liaisons: please email your grade level liaison to help set-up a lunch date for a grade level. Lunch dates provide BFMS students an important opportunity to dialogue with community professionals and role models as they gain insight into a variety of professions.

5th grade - Nakeesha Reese - (5th gr. lunch/recess: 11:28am-12:22pm)

6th grade - Evelyn Knight-Gantt - (6th gr. lunch/recess: 11:28am-12:22pm)

7th grade - Dr. Vanessa Bing - (7th gr. lunch/recess: 12:25am-1:19pm)

8th grade - Eugene Howell - (8th gr. lunch/recess: 10:31am-11:25am)

BFMS Staff - Marina Williams -

                       Joseph Tauriello -


2015-2016 Lunch Date Roll Call
 Lee Rouson
Topic: Character Building
 Presenter: Mr. Lee Rouson
 Profession: Former New York Giant
 Date: March 31, 2016
Topic: Career Paths for the Young Professional
Presenter: Mrs. Karla Foy
Profession: Attorney
Date: February 2, 2016

The inaugural Lunch Date below took place with a group of 6th Grade BFMS scholars on 12/16/10
with Sir Allen Conner, THS alumni and current NBA Referee.
 2012-2013 Lunch Date Roll Call
   Topic: Anti Bullying / Respect
   Presenter: Mr. Phillip Herman
   Profession: Sales and Marketing 
   Date: October 17, 2012
   THS Class of 2003
   B.A. The George Washington University 



   Topic: Anti Bullying / Respect
   Presenter: Mr. Reynoir Lewis
   Profession: Creative Director 
   Date: October 17, 2012
   THS Class of 2004
   B.A. City College of New York 



kellyB    Topic: Respect / Self Esteem
   Presenter: Ms. Kelly Bensel
   Profession: Business Analyst
   Date: October 18, 2012
   THS Class of 2008
   B.A. Douglass College, Rutgers University

  Topic: Conflict Resolution / Wellness & Nutrition
   Presenter: Mr. Daniel Arias
   Date: October 19, 2012
   United States Marine Corp 2006-2010
   A.S. Bergen Community College 
   B.A. / M.A. Criminal Justice / Homeland Security FDU 2014 
   Crossfit Coach and Competitor 

   Topic: Role of the Student Athlete
   Presenter: Mr. Randy Martinez
   Profession: District Manager for Aldi Foods 
   Date: October 23, 2012
   THS Class of 2007
   B.A. University of Cincinnati 
   M.B.A University of Cincinnati  
   2011 All Big East Football Player (Offensive Lineman)
   3 Time Big East Football Champion 

 Kat.Chas    Topic: Friendship / Career Paths for the Young Professional
    Presenter: Ms. Katrina Martinez 
    Profession: United Nations Intern 
    THS Class of 2008
    BA Temple University
   Presenter: Ms. Chasity Baez
   Profession: Fashion Industry
   THS Class of 2008
   BA Fashion Institute of Technology
   Date: October 26, 2012




Lunch Date: March 5, 2013

·Topic: Leadership

Presenter: John Graham

·         St. John’s University, B.A. Liberal Arts