Whittier Elementary

Whittier eBoards

An eBoard is like an "Online Corkboard" that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily post messages, photos, files, and links to their own information on the Internet.

The purpose of this tool is to enable communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students that can help foster student achievement beyond the classroom walls.

eBoards are updated frequently and include valuable information such as class events and homework.

Interim Principal


Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Danielle Drakeford
Holly Koehler Jean Choi Valerie Astor
Maria Martinez
Annie Matesic
Alison Colahan Ashley Davis
Camille Silverman
Tatiana Stripling
Gerald Henry
Alison Goerg
Stephen Welbert
Kim Sullivan

Karen Simpson

Library Math Lab Performing Arts Reading Lab
Danielle Viso
Ann Delaney Performing Arts Jay Friedman

    Megan Jang
Resource Center Special Services Specialists
Outreach Worker

 Danette Coston
Krysten Mack

Madison Berry

Willa Rudy
James DiMicelli
Linda Harrison

Katarina Hannawi


Jamie Hrinuk
Ed Thompson

Janine Lawler

Keith Orapello
Larry Marino


Willa Rudy



T. A.G. (Teaneck Academically Gifted)     
Nina Lionetti