Lowell Elementary

Lowell eBoards

An eBoard is like an "Online Corkboard" that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily post messages, photos, files, and links to their own information on the Internet.

The purpose of this tool is to enable communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students that can help foster student achievement beyond the classroom walls.

eBoards are updated frequently and include valuable information such as class events and homework.

Faculty eBoards can be easily accessed from the Directory and/or by adding names to "My Contacts."


Antoine Green
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Lisa Guyden
Jessica Brown
Eleftheria Hondros
Lea Ann Richards
Ashley Pires Scott Bushoven
Natalia Drelich
Parker Winston
Jennifer Rome Sandy Joseph
Dennis Hiel Shane Zeigler



Instrumental Music
Nurse Performing Arts Reading Lab
Larry Marino Monique Fraizer-Ellington Performing Arts Ann Park
Luke Short  
Anitha Giannikos
Dan Bassett      
Resource Center Special Services Specialists  Child Study Team
Lauren Finizio Stacie DiBona Jennifer Cortez
 Janice Tuch
Samantha Messmer Amber Mosser Alan Greene
 Patrick Granelli
Natasha Thomas Lisa Sgambati
Chris Infante
 Anwar Al-Najar
  Carrie Williams Michael Lieber
 Elise Coopersmith

Stephanie Hofsaes
Amanda Meller

Alexis Ryerson

    Madison Berry

T. A.G. (Teaneck Academically Gifted)    
Aretha Blake-Arroyo