Bryant Elementary

Bryant eBoards

An eBoard is like an "Online Corkboard" that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily post messages, photos, files, and links to their own information on the Internet.

The purpose of this tool is to enable communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students that can help foster student achievement beyond the classroom walls.

eBoards are updated frequently and include valuable information such as class events and homework.  

Leslie Abrew
PreK3 PreK4 Kindergarten Library Media Center
Jennifer Bell

Lara Barrett
Danielle Annunziata
Alex Ishkanian
Mei Linh Lai-Mui
Brittney Butler
Peter Antonakis

Mika Kozuma
Jim Kiernan
James Dunn

Bonnie Meneely
Amanda Estevez

Kate Giella 
Monica Lawson
  Dana Orner 
Kristen Panagiotou
Marilyn Ram

Nisrene Hammoud
    Emily Smith
    Sheena Wester  

Stephanie Baer      
Jessica Frane
Alan Greene
Aniesha Jackson
Michael Lieber      
Jane McClean      
Diane Shorey
Teri Wilcox