Beyond Diversity Committee

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Beyond Diversity Committee

Beyond Diversity Steering Committee Expectations

Thank you for your interest in the Beyond Diversity Committee. Our focus will be to explore how well our current school system works to provide all students and staff with equitable access to an education that embodies the mission and goals of Teaneck Public Schools.  This committee will be comprised of approximately twelve stakeholders representing Teaneck educators, staff, parents, 8th - 12th grade students and community members.  Once the committee is assembled, we will meet once per month in the evening through the 2018-2019 school year.  Additionally, committee members who are available for quarterly meetings with Dr. Irving, Superintendent of Schools, are welcome to attend.  

 To ground our work the committee will:

  • Examine the ideals set forth in the District Mission Statement and 2018-19 Board Goals  
  • Examine last year’s Board Goals and discuss how effective the system was at meeting the 2017-18 goals
  • Review the findings of the 2006 Teaneck Achievement Gap Study conducted by the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education. This will provide some understanding of the history of effort made to move toward equity.
  • Review current school district demographics and other relevant data to discuss factors that impact student achievement
  • Discuss how systems have the power to shape outcomes and perpetuate institutional oppression which contributes to disparate student outcomes 
The committee chair will initiate an action research process which will be carried out over the course of the 2018-2019 school year.  Values, beliefs and theoretical perspectives held by the committee related to educational equity and restorative justice will be identified.  We will examine how closely aligned our ideals are to those set forth by the District. This will be followed by identifying research questions, collecting & analyzing data from multiple independent sources and reporting results.  Concrete recommendations will be made to the Superintendent of Schools and Board of Education at the conclusion of the initial planning year.   
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